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Which Social Media Platforms Should You Use for Your Therapy or Holistic Practice?


Previously, I explored the question of whether using social media is worth your time and effort for marketing your therapy or holistic practice. If you do decide to use social media as part of your plan for increasing exposure of your private practice and attracting clients, you might feel overwhelmed about which platforms you should [...]

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Is Social Media Worth Your Time and Effort?


If you’re a healing professional or therapist wondering if you should use social media to build your practice, the answer is, “it depends”. Like most things in marketing, there’s no hard and fast answer to this question. However, below are 4 questions you can ask yourself to help determine whether social media is something you [...]

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The Client Attracting Therapist Website [Infographic]

The Client-Attracting Therapist Website

Your therapy website can be seen as the hub of a wheel–the center or foundation of all your marketing activities. Most people who become clients will have been to your website first and will have chosen you because your website resonated with their struggles and offered some hope that you might be able to help. In [...]

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6 Website Trends that Therapists Need to Know: Where We’ve Been and Where We Need to Go

Below is a video interview I did with my colleague, Clinton Power on therapist website trends. Once your website is up, you’ll need to keep up to date with the evolving web if you want to continue to attract clients in the long haul. In the video, I discuss 6 website trends that will help ensure [...]

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“Help! Social Media Isn’t Working for Me”

  While increasing numbers of therapists have set up social media accounts on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I’m still hearing a lot of confusion and many misconceptions about how to use social media successfully. I’m also seeing people make some social media faux pas, while still other’s tell me they are not sure what the [...]

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How To Write Content That People Will Read

It’s long past the time that having a static website was enough for a therapist or helping professional in order to make their presence known. Things really have changed. Adding fresh content to your website or blog is now a requirement if you want to be competitive on the web. I know some of you [...]

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How to Deal with Social Media Overwhelm

I’ve been hearing a lot from therapists and other health practitioners about how overwhelmed they are by social media. There is much confusion about whether it’s even ethical for therapists to use it, and if it’s a worthwhile marketing tool. There are also concerns about privacy, not knowing how to use the technology, and fears [...]

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Yes, People Want to Help You

Copyblogger points out that People Really Want to Help You. In his post, Brian Clark summarizes  research by psychology researcher Felix Warneken. Warneken found that behaving altuistically  (helping someone when there’s nothing to gain) is innate in humans, and can be seen in babies sometimes younger than 18 months old. Yes, people do want to [...]

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Website Review is now Complete

Thanks to Barbara Babkirk for participating in the Website Review that Nathaniel Richman and I did over at our Website Design and Promotion Blog. You can read all the posts on the review over at our blog.

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Fill Your Practice by Developing an Ezine

The February edition of my newsletter is now available at my website. Fill Your Practice by Developing an Ezine discusses why it’s important to write an ezine and describes the following steps for writing your ezine: 1. Focus Your Ezine on a Specific Target Market 2. Allow your Subscribers to Opt-in 3. Offer a Freebie [...]

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